Legal Office



commercial law

-foundations of business companies

-corporate changes

-fusions of companies

-liquidations of companies

-contract law including securities of obligations


-unfair competition law, protection of trade firms, protection of goodwill, protection of trade securities and protection of know - how

-trade law

-license agreements

civil law

-protection of privacy, including areas of press act and protection of personals data




-rights in rem

-liability for damage, unjust enrichment


family law

-relationships between parents and children

-marriage settlements, ante-nuptial settlements

-divorces of marriage

-family settlement after marriage ending


labor law

-labor contracts

-liability for damage

-claims from invalid terminate employment

-proceedings concerning labor law

bankruptcy law

-representations of creditors

-petitions for starting bankruptcy proceeding, petitions for permission of settlements

-claims applications in bankruptcy proceedings

-proceedings concerning bankruptcy

criminal law

-defense in all criminal cases

-defense of minors

-representations of injured parties and party concerned

administrative law


-landscape register

-administrative petitions, cassation complaints